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Hawkeye Island Base Specifications

Planetary Base, Raeya III - 2nd Marine Divisional HQ

Base Map - 2377

Hawkeye Island Planetary Marine Base
Type: Planetary Marine Training & Support Facility
Commissioned 2276 - present

Buildings: 28 (Including defense towers)
Mass: N/A
Personnel: 2nd Marine Division (15,000+ Marines), 2nd Marine Air Wing (5,000 Marines), 6,000 Starfleet, typically 20 to 35,000 civilians

54 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 920,000 TeraWatts
24 x Burst fire photon torpedo tubes
Total 12,000 photon torpedoes
Defense Systems:
High capacity shield system, capacity 75,600,000 TeraJoules

Power plant:
Six Type III Modified Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chambers capable of producing 23,459,000 TeraWatts
Solar Power plant emergency backup:  43,000,000 TeraWatts
Geo-Thermal Power plant emergency core:  Classified
Docking Facilities:
Orbital Docking Facility with 6 Docking Bays  for Non-Planetary Landing Capable vessels
Island Docking Pads capable of holding up to eight starships, depending on type
Two hangar bays capable of holding up to one hundred shuttlecraft

Base Ability: (Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 22,400
Torpedo Firepower : 12,000
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,100
Shield Strength : 28,000
Overall Strength Index 11,510
Diplomatic Capability Seven Grade 7 systems
Expected Life: 600 years
Refit Cycle Minor : 5 years
Standard : 20 years
Major : 50 years

Support ships for Hawkeye Island:

26 Rogue Class Fighters (191st Hammerheads)
30 Redemption Class Fighter/Bombers (106th Blue Wolves)
34 Razor Class Fighters (232nd Samurais)

45th Marine Airlift Wing:
3 Beowulf Class Interceptors
20 Repulse Class Runabouts
25 Marine Blackhawk Class Runabouts
15 Danube Class Runabouts
1 Delta Flyer Class Runabout