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Planetary Base, Raeya III - 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force HQ

A Bravo Fleet PBeM Role Playing Game


Hawkeye Island is a planetary island base comprised of Starfleet and Marine personnel. It is the headquarters for the Starfleet Marine Corps' 2nd Division, of the Marine Task Force 63 of 4th Fleet (Bravo Fleet). 2nd Division is responsible for the Raeyan System, Sector 349, and all other adjacent Federation sectors. This area of space lies on the fringe of explored space in the Beta Quadrant, and on the edge of hostile empires. Its duty is to safeguard the lives of the United Federation of Planets and all others who cannot defend themselves, and to uphold the principles set by the Prime Directive.


To be a Starfleet Marine requires determination, discipline, and commitment. To be a marine on Hawkeye Island requires these in the up-most respect. You will be pushed harder then you expected, you will learn to push yourself harder than you thought. Hawkeye Island is a place that admires tradition and honor. When it is all said and done, you will have carried on the tradition the Marine Corps has carried for generations: The most respected and revered fighting force in the galaxy.


Will you be on of those to earn your place in the Corps?

“Honor, Courage, Commitment above all." - SFMC Values


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