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Hawkeye Island General Information


    Hawkeye Island is part of the Nutari Island chain, which is located just north of the equator on Raeya III. It is a jungle terrain with mountainous terrain towards the middle of island, with rifts and valleys scattered there. There is varied and interesting indigenous animal and plant life on the island, which makes for this base to also be utilized for the main purpose of Starfleet: Exploration.

(Please refer to the "500m" scale as "1 km". Click on map for enlarged view. )

Location: 2.3 N Lat., 35.7 E Longitude; Situated in the North Fiorel Ocean
Relative Location: 1,348 kilometers southeast of capital port city Martonye on the continent Ptoreyil

Km/Square: 438

Highest Point: 739 meters above sea level