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Hawkeye Island Application

The true impacts of life are the result of few, for better or worse

    If you truly are interested in joining this Play By E-mail RPG, then all that is asked of you is that if you put in commitment to it. Simply put, if you are interested in the game, most of the time there will not be posting problems. In the Hawkeye Island simm, it will be required that you post at least once a week unless leave has been granted. If you want to keep up, be involved with the missions, have a chance of being promoted, and more importantly have fun, then posting normally once a week will keep you in the scheme of things. Of course, you are openly welcome to post more then that if you desire.
    Also, if you have no experience in this form of simming but you are still interested, then please note that below. If you are interested, then you are fully capable of learning the easy posting method we have.
Please take important note that it is expected that you will complete this application to the best of your abilities. It is the first impression I get on a new incoming simmer like yourself, and it helps me in deciding how well you will be able to hold the position you asked for.

NOTE: If the "Send" button should not ever work, then send the following information to

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