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Brigadier General Dimitri Lidov Hunt

NAME:- Hunt, Dimitri Lidov
Brigadier General (O-7)
Hawkeye Island Planetary Base CO, 4th Marine Division CO, 2nd MEF CO
Hawkeye Island Planetary Base, Raeya III
May 30, 2348
75 inches
221 lbs
Light Brown

STATUS:- Active Duty

Ludmilla Hunt (Maiden - Arkadievo)
: 59
- DOB: December 4, 2320
- Retired Medical Doctor

Sergey Hunt
: 63
- DOB: August 23, 2316
- Baltimore Police Captain
Christopher Zachary Hunt: 18
- DOB: August 13, 2360
- Graduate of Walthrop High, Baltimore

Dimitri Hunt was born to Ludmilla and Sergey Hunt. Both of his parent's lineage trace back endlessly into the Russian past. Dimitri was born in the west Russian area, in Moscow. After he was about 13, the Hunt family moved to North America where they purchased a home in the Baltimore area. Shortly after, Ludmilla gave birth to her second son, Christopher Zachary Hunt. At the moment, Christopher is 18 years old, a very recent high school graduate. At the moment, his future plans are undecided. He admires Dimitri greatly, calling him a war hero and the like. Dimitri and Chris are close, even sometimes when thousands of light-years separate them.
At 221 pounds, this 6'3" man is a freight train. With a large frame and a muscular body, Hunt is simply a man of strength and power. Such attributes earned him the nickname "Ivan" in high school, where he was a starting Linebacker. His hair is always squared away in a sharp Marine Corps cut. A pair of faint blue eyes adorn his head, which at times can seem to have an icy grip of their own.
    Dimitri wasn't the brightest kid in school (he wasn't dumb either), but he had sharp common sense, and could learn quickly. He was good with his his hands, so it was no wonder he went through the enlisted ranks as a mechanic to tanks and fighters.

After graduating from high school, he took courses at the University of Maryland, where he dropped out in his second year at age 19. At the time, Federation pride played a role in his recruitment. This national pride and momentum of military resulted from Wolf 359, in which the Borg decimated the Starfleet fleet, giving a new birth to Starfleet. From this, he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps, where he started at the rank of private. He didn't taste true combat until the beginnings of the Dominion War, when he was a Lance Corporal. During the Chin'Toka Campaign he was field promoted to Sergeant, and was field commissioned to 2nd Lt. in the withdrawal.
    He was later transferred away from the combat theater and to the Beta Quadrant on the starship Agamemnon-A. He came aboard as a 1st Lt., and the Marine Detachment Commander. He remained aboard and went through the ranks until he was stationed at Hawkeye Island, Raeya III, where he has received rapid promotions to Brigadier General. At the age of 30, he is a one star general.

- SFMC Academy (Enlisted), Mars, Sol System, 2368
- SFMC Advanced Tactics, 2374
- SFMC Flight School, 2375
- SFMC Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape School (SERE), 2376
- SFMC Advanced Special Operations School (ASOS), 2376

Chronological Order of Career:
Private, Starfleet Marine Corps Basic Training, Mars, Sol System
Private First Class, Tank Technician
2371 -
Lance Corporal, Fighter Technician
Corporal, Fighter Technician
2372-2374 -
Field promotion to Sergeant during the Dominion War
- Fought in the campaign for the Chin'Toka System. Took a role in other
planetary campaigns in the Dominion War.

2374 -
Field Commission, 2nd Lieutenant, CO of 1st Platoon.
- Fought in Dominion War.
2375 -
1st Lieutenant, USS Agamemnon,  Marine Officer
2375 -
Captain, USS Agamemnon, Marine Commanding Officer
2376 -
Major, USS Agamemnon, Marine Commanding Officer, Task Force 58 Marine CO
- Wounded during the self-destruction of the saucer section of the Agamemnon-A
Admitted to Star Base Bravo for several months to recover from severe head trauma.

2377 -
Lieutenant Colonel, Hawkeye Island, Bravo Fleet Marine Chief of Staff, CO of 3rd

2377 -
Colonel, Hawkeye Island, Bravo Fleet Marine Chief of Staff, CO of 3rd MEU.
- Major role in halting the C'hakilian advance against the Federation.

2377-2378 -
Brigadier General, Hawkeye Island, Bravo Fleet Marine XO, CO of 3rd MEU.
- Major role in the joint S31/Federation campaign against the major Borg offensive of 2377
in the C'Far System. All other information on the matter requires Level Phi Clearance.
- Led Hawkeye Island forces at time of C'hakilian invasion. UFP forces defeated with heavy casualties; Hunt captured as a Prisoner of War to the C'hakilian Empire.
- Escapes from C'hakilian imprisonment; detained by Federation for medical review
2379 - Brigadier General, Bravo Fleet Marine SXO, Theater Marine Commander
- Led Task Group Kappa in the invasion of Raeya III from the C'hakilians

- Task Force 58 Campaign Ribbon
- Bravo Fleet Campaign Ribbon
- Original Thinking Award
- Task Force Simmer of Distinction (TF86)
- Marine Achievement Award
- Player Service Citation
- Most Improved Player of the Year Award
- Task Force Poster of the Month
- AID Player of the Month Award
- Purple Heart (2 Clusters)

Having his wings along with intense training, he can fly virtually any craft, (Shuttles, Runabouts, fighters, helm on a capital ship). He also has training in special ops warfare, as he was the CO of 3rd MEU (Special Operations Capable). Occasionally, he assists in the research and development of vehicles and vessels. And like every marine, he is deadly with small-arms. Also, as he is fairly high in the ranks of the Marine Corps, he is qualified in Advanced Tactics.

Hot-tempered and authoritive, Dimitri Hunt is a man of blunt seriousness during duty. When it's crunch time, he is a tactical thinking machine to the marines he commands. Cool under fire, he's seen too much in his career to crack now. As he was an enlisted man once, he has a good understanding of what his enlisted men can do and what they feel. This also works for him, because he doesn't want to become the kind of General where he can just give a few orders and the result is dozens of young marines dead.
    Death. Although during a mission he is always around him, it doesn't affect him until after, when he's back on the ship or base. Right after he gets off duty from a mission involving fatalities, he is always alone, usually in his quarters. He needs this time to zone out, for if he doesn't reflect upon the marines that died, he fears he will have become some robotic General who doesn't "give a damn..." about his men.
    When he isn't having the stresses of the job, he can be friendly with his fellow Starfleet and Marine Corps Officers. He jokes around and is sarcastic at times. He's easy-going to his men and to his peers. One trait is he has is that he is always honest and always to the point. This comes in part from his natural personality, and from the straight forward life of the SFMC.

Dimitri Hunt has devoted his life to the corps since he became a private at 19 years old. From this, it is hard to acquire leisure time. When he does manage to find free, off duty time from training and missions, you can see him at the bar, putting back a vodka with a group of friends. A religious man himself--Christian--he tries his best to attend mass. He does enjoy playing football (American) when he can. On the other end of the stick, he tends to write down his thoughts in his personnel log frequently, as he doesn't really have anyone to express them to. When he does invite guests to his quarters or when he takes over the mess hall, usually with a squad of marines with him, he cooks up gourmet food.