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Task Force 63

Starfleet Marine Corps - Bravo Fleet (4th Fleet)

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    Welcome to Task Force 63, Bravo Fleet's Marine Corps Task Force! All Marines in Bravo Fleet fall under Task Force 63, whether directly with a simm here or indirectly from a fellow Task Force in Bravo Fleet. TF63 is perhaps the most unique task force, for it is dedicated task force that deals entirely with marine matters. The Task Force 63 Commanding Officer is Major General Jay Enigma, CO of the Temporal Facility, Mannheim Station. The Task Force Executive Officer is Brigadier General Dimitiri Hunt, the CO of the Marine Planetary Base at Hawkeye Island.Whether it is patrolling the Federation borders and beyond, reacting to any crises that may arise, or defending the Federation and its interests from those that may threaten it, TF63 can proudly say it is The First to Fight!
Take a look around. You may just decide to be our newest addition to the Marine Corps family.

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    The Starfleet Marines Corps are the UFP’s force in readiness.  Their role is distinct from that of Starfleet, due to the limitations of Starfleet being mainly an exploration and diplomacy corps, with a secondary combat role.  Though the term ‘Marine’ has its roots in describing a rifleman who fought from a ship at sea, in the modern era it has become synonymous with the elite forces of the Federation that are always ready to fight, regardless of the Federation's readiness for war, and who are capable of operating far from their home soil.  The Marines Corps has a dual responsibility. First: to serve on land, on sea, in air and in space, Second: to exploit the advantages of readiness and interstellar deployment capabilities.

    [Starfleet Marine Corps Organization, Chapter 1 Introduction]